First interview…but not the last

Emma Silva, a Level 4 student of BA Illustration at London Metropolitan University, has given us depth into her life as an art student.

She is originally from Portugal and that is exactly where her journey has begun. Completing 3 years of study there and 3 years in the UK she is entering her 7th year and as she assured me there will be more to come. Studying in Portugal gave her insight into art history, geometry, philosophy etc. Being taught the theoretical side hugely reflects on the way she learns and creates her artwork. Note taking and research is her strong point, she constantly writes everything down in a very organised manner. Whilst studying in the UK she had a chance to master the practical side of art, learn new techniques and materials. Her favourite medium is acrylic paints, black pens and markers. Her confidence is at the highest when using black pens. She hardly ever uses coloured pencils but she is always open to new experiences. Emma finds her inspiration in pop art as she admires the simplicity of the lines, bright colours, precision and the definition of the drawings. She can refer to it and you can see the influence in her work.

Let’s take a moment to admire what Emma can create.

As you can see she is confident using colours and creating a contrast by using a black pen. Her drawings are always filled with stories about her personal life, life experiences, her background.

If you would like to have a look at more of Emma’s work here is a link to her blog. Enjoy!




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