Strongest link

We all have that one item that is close to our heart. It may have no practicality or any value at all but the sentimental value is priceless.

I have a lot of items that I treasure because I am a mini hoarder, however there is that one which is special to me in particular. It is the ring that has been passed in my family from generation to generation for the past at least 60 years. Originally it was worn by men in the family however my dad broke the circle by refusing to wear it as in his mind men shouldn’t be wearing rings. It was passed to his sister and she then passed it to me as my brother has the same mentality as my dad. I felt honoured since I have an older sister but my auntie trusted me with the ring. I wouldn’t even trust myself with such a valuable thing. That is the reason why I do not wear it often so as I will not lose it.


The design represents people holding hands as a symbol of connection, bond and a strong link. It may also mean passing a tradition from one to another. Moreover, it can be translated as guidance and support that family can offer you at any stage of your life.


As you can see the ring is extendable so as it can fit anybody. Very useful when you have bad days and you let yourself go.


Humans are very sentimental creatures and we can get attached to small things, we hold on to the memories with all of our senses-touch, sight, hearing, taste and smell.


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