Making a mark

Part two of mark making workshops proved to be challenging yet fun. When you practice with a new technique or something you are not comfortable with you may start questioning your abilities. Challenging yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is so important for your growth as an artist.

I always try to have fun creating rather than stress out. This made me chuckle a bit because it looks like Crimewatch wanted faces to me. You can see how different each one of the pictures is. My objective was that my drawings are kind of inverse apart from the last one. The parts that should be lighter I made darker. It’s important to analyse and criticise your own artwork as there is always room for improvement.



This one was created with an eraser. The item was used for the opposite purpose, rather than remove graphite I have used it to apply it.

Using the scalpel was a bit scary at the beginning as I have very unsteady hands. As I have discovered it’s not necessarily that bad as you can create uneven lines that add dynamics to your picture. You learn as you practice. The picture of the outcome was taken with the computer in the background which created more effects to the picture.


How about using the cut out as a shadow (left) or put it under the light (right). You can control sharpness by moving the picture closer or further away from the light. It’s amazing how once you start creating your imagination is growing.


Moving on to the collage. Making first steps with your work is always tricky. When you are stuck for ideas why not use your face as a part of a collage. Halloween costume for this year sorted.


My collage started to get into shape once I have used ripped pieces of newspaper. Once again collage has no limitations. You can freely mix all different medium and materials. When creating a portrait you normally focus on the features of the person. You may also create a portrait by featuring person’s character, personality, the way they are seen by others.


This is when you can use any material to let your imagination run wild. The only thing that I found difficult is the ability to focus and concentrate but once you get that the ideas will start pouring into your head.

The word that we have learnt today is very useful: serendipity. It means “fortunate surprise” or “pleasant surprise”. It’s when the outcome is even better than you have planned. I personally spent too much time planning my work and once I start doing it it never comes to plan. One of my manifesto points for this years is to “create then analyse then create some more”. I always believed that doing a lot of planning before starting with your project is crucial however now I am learning that the best outcome is always when you actually do it and learn on mistakes or come up with many more ideas and solutions while doing it.

Even if you are not 100%  happy with the outcome just remember that you have learnt something new and it can only get better the next time you do it.


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