Fanzine project

So we have been asked to design our own fanzine. To begin with what is fanzine? It’s a nonprofessional and nonofficial magazine produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon.

Getting some rough ideas after doing my mind map I wanted to focus on politics as one of the six pillars of design philosophy.

The idea of mixing everybody’s favourite Donald Trumps antics and the recent Creepy Clown craze was what popped to my head instantly. What a surprise. It evolved into presenting politics as one big circus which we should not take too seriously and stress too much about it.

My first page of the sketchbook reflects very well my brain as I had so many ideas but I needed the one that would tie everything together and deliver the message at the same time.


By the way the cat not supposed to look amazed and it not supposed to look like it’s being stroked. It shows how trying to put your ideas into practice not always goes to plan. That is why we have sketchbooks to try our ideas out. I believe that I am better at brainstorming ideas that executing it.

I have collated and tried to mock all of the incidents involving Trump. For instance a cat packing a suitcase and leaving the country, a female shoe smashing his star on “walk of shame” as I’ve called it or politicians attitude stinks just like Trump’s new perfume range (see pic of a dead fly). Also I tried a word game like “trump stamp” (see pic of a butt). It all seemed fun to me but there was too much going on so I had to focus on one point.

I drifted away from focusing on one politician in particular and do politics in general. One of my points on my mind map was that women are objectified these days and politicians are not helping with their scandals and openness about treating women like objects. I want to bring awareness to some women who still vote for those ones who are sexist and racist.

My aim is to present it in a funny way. This is what I came up with so far.


With this quotation I was aiming to show that man are forgetting that women have the power of giving life. If it wasn’t for us human kind would extinct. I may have mentioned before that I like to highlight in my art strength of women and rebel against all the pressure that is imposed on us nowadays.

I wanted to add “Isn’t it fanny??” to the speech bubble but sometimes less is more. I may also squeeze in definition for politics “poly”- prefix means many, “ticks”-blood sucking parasites. I may place it in the back. I’ve picked the retro style as I like the colours and simplicity of it. I like to express my humour through cartoon like characters. It looks a bit blunt to me at the moment but I don’t want to clatter is too much. I need to learn to know where to stop before I overdo things and rather than make it better I ruin it.

Front still in assemblage. Not quite sure if it’s fanzine like but it felt okey at the time I came up with the idea. The more I look at it the less I like it but it’s work in progress and it can turn out okey and if not I still have time to evolve the idea. I will see what feedback will I get on Monday during our review session.


Let me crack on with work and will update the final outcome soon.


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