Illustrative typography

CS Package module aims to explore the fields of typography, literature, digital production etc. We will discover how digital practices can feature and enhance our work as well as learn about expressionists typefaces, illustrative typography and calligrams – poems arranged in a way that it creates an image.

When it comes to digital package like Adobe Illustrator, I am not even taking baby steps but I still crawl. Being taught basics helped me tremendously as it broke the barrier I kind of had with Adobe applications. I have been practicing a lot independently and making a progress. For instance the featured image I have made from scratch in Illustrator then printed off on a tracing paper and taken a picture with the computer background which had a picture of one of my paintings on and voila!

On one of the sessions we have made a expressionist typeface mash up. It may look simple however I found the process complex as there was a lot to take in.


I have researched few different expressionists typefaces. Here are my favourite.



The last one is amazing as it’s 3D.

Another task was to create a illutrative typefaces. My group was given letters B, F, H, T and Y. The theme was means of transport.

Letter B and F. Yes donkeys are used as a form of transport.

Letter H (stilts) and T.


The key in this exercise is to make sure that the letters are readable. Me as usual focused to much on thinking of good ideas rather that the execution of it.

Let me show you two examples of illustrative typography by 2&3 illustrators. Mine looks totally silly right next to it but hey if i could do this I wouldn’t need this course.

The technique they have used is called quilling which is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls and arranging them to form elegant filigree.

You can check out their work any many more on links below.


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