In stitches

Having to create 10 portraits can seem daunting but it’s amazing how once you start, ideas will pop to your head just like a chain reaction. I must admit that drawing portraits is not my strong point, I can do a cartoon version of people but to make it look realistic is quite impossible to me. Maybe because I have no attention to detail? Maybe I cannot focus on the main features? Who knows.

This is a portrait of one of my friends. I had to apologise in advance before making it, for any disfigurements I did on her face. I called it “in stitches” because she always says that when she finds something funny. Shame I didn’t think of doing her laughing actually.. daah

I have used an old pillow case, washed and ironed. Stretched it on a frame from a mirror that I broke by accident, I am a bull in a china shop. I have used a traditional, coloured threat. I was aiming at creating a vibrant, happy mood to this picture. At the beginning I said to myself what did I get myself into but surprisingly it goes pretty quick.

Doing the portrait made me feel a bit like a granny doing sewing, all I need is a rocking chair and a bowl of hot custard.

This is the sketch with an awfully disfigured lip.
Good thing is that if I don’t like something I can always remover the thread. That’s exactly what I had to do in this case. The dark thread around the left cheek had to go because it made the face look too unsymmetrical.

That’s the latest stage. You can see that it looks much better without the black thread around the cheek. There is still more and and a blue layer that I have to add but I am getting there.
You can see from close that the holes made by a needle entering the fabric adds some edge to it. The gaps in between I may leave untouched if I want the area to look lighter.

I have already found my prefered style which I love and I feel comfortable in however I enjoy the challenges that I choose to take on. The outcome might not be the greatest in my eyes but I always learn a lot in the process. I found inspiration while researching various artists and their unusual mark making techniques. I have a tendency of rushing through my work like the world is coming to an end. Now I am trying to put a bit more thought into my work.


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