Review week- fanzine assemblage 

This week we will be reviewing all the work we have done so far and getting a feedback on it. First of all we will assemble our group fanzine.

We have discussed the layout of the pages and talked about flat plan and pagination to start with.

Flat plan is a grid or a visual plan for your (maga)zine. Few examples below: 

Pagination is the sequence of numbers assigned to pages. Pages have to be dividable by 4. To make it clearer look at the picture below. 

In order to get the fanzine together we all supposed to have a middle A5 page and the front and back cover ready for today. We divided into groups according to one of the six pillars of design philosophy. We then laid out our inside pages, placed them on the pages following pagination rules and we have done a copy for each of us. The front cover and the back cover will be our individual one that we have made.

This session taught us how important is the layout and planning beforehand. It has to look visually engaging and readable at the same time. The balance of trying to make it attractive but not too messy is important. Even folding the pages neatly matters.

I will upload our fanzine in my next blog as we didn’t get a chance to hand it out on the day.


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