Rear view

Our review week was exactly what I needed to give me that good kick in the back side. I am my best motivator as I set challenges for myself and push myself to work harder but I am nice to myself at the same time and don’t put myself down when I am unable to do something.

I have found my own style already but my aim is to try to assimilate it with something else and experiment with it. I have tried various techniques which really made me question my abilities and ask myself “what the hell” as I have never tried it before and are not necessarily my favourite however that didn’t put me off.

What I have learnt today from Level 6 students that exactly what they advised us to try not to do, I do it. We are lucky to have met them  at such an early stage so we are guided and advised appropriately. They have answered a lot of our questions which made things so much clearer. All I need to do now is to actually take it on board. It was fascinating to see how much they have developed over two years. Their work looked very much professional.

So as I have expected my sketchbook has too much talkie but not enough work. I am not even taking baby steps with my sketchbook but I am at the crawling stage as this is my first sketchbook. One of the habits which I need to quit is stop writing down ideas but draw it straight into my sketchbook instead. It’s important to show how your idea evolved and what progress have you made with your work.

I am glad that we are doing blogging so as I can talk about my work here rather than in my sketchbook. My sketchbook will be used for visual communication rather than verbal. Still trying to get my head round things but I am getting there.



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