Interview with a vampire-review week

Here are my answers to the questions we were given during the review week.
  1. What did you learn best of each workshop-CS Package, Mark Making and Critical Design Thinking?

    CS Package was a good introduction to Adobe Illustrator. Even though basic but a good start for me to start exploring it by myself. Mark Making helped me to research more about practitioners which helped me to find inspirations for my artwork. Critical Design Thinking on the other hand helped me to brainstorm my ideas better and express clearer the messages I am aiming to share.

  2. What was the most difficult task you had to do?

    Most probably mark making as I find doing portraits quite tricky and especially using techniques that I am not comfortable with. My main problem with this was lack of concentration. I don’t perform in the workshop as well as I do when I am by myself.

  3. What was the most useful thing you have learnt?

    How to use Adobe Illustrator as I am aware that is what I will have to use a lot and I have tried tutorials by myself before but I still had not that much idea on how to use it. Also I have learnt more on how to work with my sketchbook and manage my time better as I tend to focus too much on one task and over think it and then everything builds up.

  4. What do you want to do more of?

    Maybe more digital workshops. I am open to learn a bit of everything but I would like to become proficient in using Adobe Apps.

  5. What was the most interesting practitioner you have researched and why?

    Kumi Yamashita because her techniques are unique and also require a lot of precision and great imagination. It also inspired me to do one of my portraits.

  6. What are you the most proud of?

    I am proud of most of the things that I do as I know that this is what will help me develop. Maybe some of the things I could’ve done better but I understand that I am still learning. It also shows that I am willing  to acquire new skills rather than just stick with what I am comfortable with. I know that in the end it will all pay off.


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