Travelling back in time-Geffrye Museum

Geffrye museum is the museum of the home. That explains now what the huge signs in the front is all about. We will take a look at how the guest/living rooms evolved over the centuries.

Hall 1630

Our focus was on chairs. You can see that this one has a beautiful finish and decorations but my back hurts just by looking at it.

Parlour 1695


Parlour 1745


Sorry had to put this in as I adore this little illustration. Well this illustration wasn’t there to look pretty but to reveal the answers to the questions placed on the display.

Drawing room 1830

I quite like this room because the sky blue colour makes it look very cosy.

Drawing room 1870


Drawing room 1890


This carpet caught my attention as I remember having one of those at home. It also shows you the influences from beyond Europe. This is a persian style carpet.

Living room 1935


Apartment 1998


It was fascinating how the taste changed over the years and how the focus has changed elegance to comfort, practicality and definitely the rooms brightened up. I wish there was more on display not just rooms but also bathrooms and kitchens.

You can also see that there is less patterns and less decorations such as paintings or ceramics. In the early centuries the focus of the room was normally on a fireplace or a dining table however modern interiors focus around TV.

Last but not least we had a sneak peek into the gardens. It felt like I was in the garden from the film “The Secret Garden”. The garden was divided according to centuries starting from the 17th century.



Here is the link to their website if you would like to explore more.

Admission is free!!!


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