Type my face away…

In case you wonder why this name for my blog well simply I had letter prints on my chin at the end of the day.

I have been looking forward to this session as my typography is tragic.

We had to pick one of the given to us sentences to create a print. I have picked one of the shortest sentences as I knew I may run out of patience before I finish it. You may call it lazy but I call it smart.

Here are our weapons:

This is a chest of drawers where all the letters are kept neatly organised. It was until we laid our hands on it.

Here are the babies itself. As we have found out, picking the letters could be confusing too.For example: b and p and d, a and g, u and n.

Roller with a black ink, very thick, texture a bit like tar.

And the star of the day: letterpress

First of all you have to put the words together letter by letter.

Next you have to place it on a tray, lock it with so-called furniture and the magnets.

Well I wasn’t all smart after all. Here is the outcome of my work.

Because I am a hot head I haven’t double checked my letters and just went for it with printing.
Yes third time lucky. Word “words” was giving me a hard time and letter “d” was just not having it. I actually got the right the second time but placed it upside down. Silly me. This really does reflect my way of doing thing: throwing myself into it and then learning on mistakes.

Someone decided to add more ink and that’s the effect. I quite like it though because it looks a bit rough. I put a blank page to take some of it off and it created this effect. I did cut the corners because I couldn’t find “hyphens”so just left it out 😁
This is one that I am actually proud of. We have used wood type and picked one word of the sentence and emphasise it.

I have picked “visual” and surprise, surprise I got it right the first time.

Little advice, when you lift the shelf of a dryer make sure that other people’s work won’t fall off it and get stuck behind the chest of drawers. Oh well I am bull in a china shop.

I haven’t cleaned all the black ink of the letters and applied red ink. You can even see white lines which were created when the paper creased a little bit.

Fading away

That then gave me an idea to do this. This is my favourite style and it has that rebellious character.

It was a great fun and you have so many more possibilities to create unique typefaces than you can’t do digitally. I really do like the effect you get even if you don’t try to hard or plan it.

This is my type of environment as it reminds me of my dad’s old garage where I would spent hours doing doll houses etc. I also like it because it doesn’t make me paranoid about making things dirty or breaking some delicate things. I am a type of a heavy-handed person, that always goes outside the lines and I am not very accurate so I found myself in that environment easily. Call me crazy but I quite liked the smell of it too.


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