Devil is not so black as he’s painted…

I have always been approaching Adobe Package with an attitude that I will never be able to do my drawings the way I want it unless someone teaches me step by step how to do it. After learning basics in one of the Cs Package classes I was keen on getting to learn more about it and stop avoiding it. Youtube tutorials are brilliant for this.

I am actually quite proud of the progress as I have never attempted to draw in the Adobe Illustrator before. I understand that because I am a beginner I have a lot of catching up to do and no better way than self study.

Original sketch

Chose to draw pretty simple picture just for practice.

I’ve tried to use a graphic pad to do the sketching but found a pen tool more interesting. At first I couldn’t figure out how it works.

I did attempt to colour the picture in the Illustrator but found it confusing so moved to the Photoshop. I will still need to figure out the best way to colour in Illustrator, no escape from that.

Having a knowledge about drawing and painting as it’s a big advantage when it comes to digital drawing. Some people may say that you cannot achieve digitally what you can by hand drawing but it works both ways.

I appreciate the fact that people share their knowledge on internet as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to learn by myself.


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