DesignIn InDesign

We have started off with doing a design on a grid paper using the sentences we have created during our letterpress session.

Here are just few of my designs.

Grid was very useful in order to control spaces between the words and to assure that the layout is relatively straight. The aim was to make it visually catchy yet easy to read. That’s what I had to keep in mind when trying to make it look appealing but forgetting that the sentence has to make sense.

Part two of the session, where we were introduced to the InDesign, made my brain hurt a bit. With time I got my head around the basics and understood the overall idea of what you can do in InDesign.

We were given a task to design 3 A3 posters: 1 containing the letterpress sentence and two with terms from our typographic infographics which you can see in my blog Typographic Inforgraphics.

I have started off with leaving the word “visual” in red as it originally was but then started to play with colours and decided to stick with blue. It may look quite blunt but we were advised to stick with two colours so as the focus will be on the design itself.

Last picture is the final version. I found it amusing how by experimenting and playing around you discover what you can do with text in InDesign.

I quite like the effect that grid is creating when it’s switched on.


When you are engrossed in creating you may forget to do screenshots so I have only the final piece fot this one. It looks quite plain but I was trying no to over do it and make it look cheesy. It somehow reminds me of some quality assurance certificate.


I was trying to do the poster with coloured background but somehow I couldnt get to write on top of it so I changed the tactic. I have added little leafes as a decoration just so it won’t look too blunt. Now looking at it I shouldn’t have put the leafes in the bottom section. Ironically I wasn’t able to kern letter A nd V.

Working with the digital package as a beginner can test your patience and can be frustrating. All the ideas that you have in your head seem not to work while using digital package. I believe that the best way to learn is to practice by yourself and watch some tutorials for more advanced ideas.


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