Typographic Inforgraphics

When you look at any sentence you would just read it without analysing the font and the typeface that was used and definitely not even think what all the parts of a letter are called. When the type is nice we tend not to give it a second thought but when we see something that doesn’t appeal to us that’s when our critique eyes get sharp.

We were asked to create a visual guide for those who are learning about typography. I felt it was like blind leading blind but with time my understanding of some terms became clear enough to draw the descriptions of it.

Hopefully that will make things clearer for people rather than confuse the life out of them.

By the way we were asked to create one A3 page but my space management failed me on this one.



Everything nowadays is pretty much computer based and even when we design signs or posters we use fonts that have been designed by someone else rather than create our own. If you aim to design your own font those are the basics that will be useful.




  1. This is pretty cool. I’ve recently started creating fonts from scratch and its truly amazing how much goes into it all that you just never think about when reading a font – as you said. Well done on your infographic its quite good 🙂

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    • You are so kind 🙂 I have never paid attention to fonts and typefaces until now and I am shocked how ugly my writing is. We have everything designed now by designers who dont even get any credit for it…I am aiming to create my personal font too.. Share with us once you finished it.. Xx

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      • I totally agree. Thats pretty cool that you’re thinking of creating a font 😀 you must share it when you’re done too! (I can’t share mine as its not personal but I will share my next personal project if it turns out well ^_^)


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