Little escape…

This was the best museum visit so far “V&A Museum of Childhood” in Bethnal Green. This is my type of environment as I love cartoons and not just to draw but to watch too. I have tried adulthood and I must say I don’t particularly like it.

It’s funny how when we are kids we want to grow up quick but then we realise that wasn’t a good idea once we are adults.

It was a great pleasure to be able to see the toys from your childhood and it’s amazing how in an instance it brought back a lot of memories that you don’t get to think about when you are busy getting on with your life.


I had a full collection of exactly same figures . Even now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feature on my bedding, pyjamas and mugs. Yes I am a geek. 


I have learnt how to make my own pizza from their comic books.


And how could I not post a picture of my beloved superheroes. I will spare talking just watch and enjoy.




Well well look what we have here. 



Had a big collection of those as well. I am pretty sure it’s still somewhere in my house in the attic. Will look for it when I go back home. 

Even though I was a tombboy I still get to play with those




I was lucky to have an older brother who would always get newest gadgets. 



Being short comes useful sometimes 🙂
Show time..Bear attack
This game reflected my life so much..One step forward two steps back. And obviously I had to lose even though I was at 99 already haha



So sweet to see the toys that our parents or grandparent would play with..

Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse and all the Disney characters…

This place is worth visiting and I cannot imagine someone not enjoying it.


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