“Feedback is like death, we are all afraid of it”

Second presentation:

Jon Cockley, co-founder, Handsome Frank Illustration Agency.


In case you wonder why the name Handsome Frank, jut like I did and had some high expectations, that’s a name of  Jon’s and his cousin’s  Tom grandad.

What do they do?

  • looking after projects
  • in-betweener agent-artist
  • financial advice-prices, banking, debt collection
  • portfolio meetings
  • promoting artist

I like the fact that we had a chance to hear from both people who create and people who promote the work of artists. This presentation was very much informative and there is nothing better that listening to people who work in the industry.

Here is some advice for upcoming artists

  • have a consistent style and technique, if you have a sub-technique have enough examples to show it
  • have varied subject matter
  • clients like to see what they can get from you
  • self promotion, find a way to communicate and stand out
  • don’t make excuses, blow your own trumpet
  • engage not just with digital work, have variety
  • bear in mind your work has to be commercially applicable

When listening to Jon it all sounds so obvious but when it comes to doing it I suddenly don’t know where to start.One part that I am not keen on is having to work for someone else and adapt to what they want rather than what I like.

Obviously it’s not that hard to teach an old dog new tricks and I say sometimes “You got to do what you got to do”. What I am aiming at is being able to use my creativity at work and be appreciated for what I do. Don’t even have to mention money because who wants to work for free.

Enough jibber jabber on my site let’s have a look at some of Handsome Frank’s clients and the artists.

Jean Julien and Transport for London

Malika Favre and Aldo

Helen Musselwhite and Audi





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