I predict a riot!!!

I am going back to my Fanzine project and making it even more appealing.

Because my topic remains girl power against politics I am going to refer back to Riot Grrrl’s zines. I have mentioned them in my blog Manifesto. I had a chance to acquire more knowledge about their work by looking into book Teal Triggs “Fanzines”.

I can refer to their manifesto and propaganda but I also love their rock’n’roll style and the style of their zines overall.

This one is my very favourite. Wonder Woman features in many of my drawings.


I want this type of attitude to reflect in my zine. I will stick with the message “Oh you mean grab by what you came out?” but I will need to work on my typography. Riot Grrrls are lucky to be able to get away with careless typography.


Yes they say sex sell but I couldn’t agree more with this one. They don’t just shock with images but also openly say what a lot of people are too afraid to say.




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