Back in the letterpress workshop room

Today we came down to help Kim with the open event. It was great to be back in the letterpress room having some knowledge already. We helped with printing leaflets and also had a chance to experiment a bit by ourselves.


This is a different type of letterpress “Full circle letterpress” which we haven’t used before.














This is a picture of one of the drawers with typefaces. I took a picture of it as I like the contrast of the pink letter amongst all the dark ones. I don’t know how it get there but it looked intriguing.

One side of the paper had a different texture which I found quite interesting. I like how the type is not all jet black. Trying in out on coloured paper was something we didn’t have a chance to do before. We have only used newsprint.






This is the type of effect I was aiming for and I have achieved it. I did a print with freshly applied ink and then moved the paper few millimetres to the side. Without applying more ink I did the print again and voila.


In the end I played a criminal and did some fingerprints in black ink. You can see that lines on two finger prints that are in the middle to the left are kind of connected.



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