As tradition must have it I am back for Sketchmeet at House of Illustration where I also did some volunteering back in the days. When I was doing my “Cartooning Fundamentals” short course at UAL Saint Martins (which is literally next door to it) I was introduced to this place and fell in love since. This time I was accompanied by my partner in crime  Emma Silva .

Sketchmeet is unfailingly fun. With a great company and beers flowing it doesn’t matter if you are a professional illustrator or a stick man type of a drawer. Your ideas matter to everyone. It’s all about quick and witty thinking and story telling.

We have been greeted by  Michael Czerwinski and a free bottle of beer with Sir Quentin Blake‘s design on it which I proudly presented here. For those who may not know him:





Quick vibe of the room when the lights are down and colourful lights are on.



Perfect Christmas present


What a cracker 

And that’s where Aga’s silly idea goes up the screen.

Winter warmer

Hot Turkey Cold Turkey

Okey so this one needs explaining a bit more as it was more of a collaboration. You had to draw a Christmas related character then second picture of how the story may potentialy evolve. After that pass it to whoever is to your left and finish the story for whoever has passed their sheet to you. Then pass it to your left again. Some of the results were hilarious. I wish I could upload it all but I am already screwed when it comes to my GB allowance for this free university blog .

Porttrait of the person opposite you

Me by Emma 

I am so getting the eye-roll on to remove the eye bags tomorow. haha


Watch out for their Christmas fair:

When, Where



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