Dan Dawson- Grand Visual

Listening to people who work in the industry is always refreshing and important as you need to be aware of what is going on out there.

London Met organises once a month Hot house talk with professionals giving students a chance to get a gist of working in the creative environment.

Chief Creative Technology Officer Dan Dawson was one of the latest guests.


They mastered the digital way to interact with passers by.  I believe we live in a society that doesn’t enjoy reading anymore so interactive posters are genius, it will always catch people’s attention. This is also something what we need to relax people who are rushed of their feet and forget to enjoy themselves.


What I like the best about their work that public can get involved in it. It makes them feel important and that will definitely make them notice the brand. That is a very smart move.

This one is brilliant.

By the way this is just an image so you cannot press play ha


Would you walk past it without giving it a go? I would probably spend ours playing around. You can also post the picture to social media and share online.

I’ve always thought that is difficult to come out with something innovative and original but there is still so much that haven’t been done and there is still space to maneuver.


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