Lakwena-The power of girl

Who wouldn’t want to design for big brands like ADIDAS? Lakwena London based artist had a chance to do so with her unique designs. 


Her art is so colorful that it hurts your eyes but it  puts a smile on my face. It’s not just about patters for Lakwena but also delivering the message and communicate. I believe that is what real design should be about. 


Her communication skills are great. I have used concept like this before but instead of using type I have used an image. 


What I like in my pattern though is lack of aestheticsI am a hot head and I tend to rush through my drawings rather than take time and make it more accurate. This is something tht I will be paying more attention to during my studies. This is not something that I cannot change and work on. 

She shows importance of typography making it a part of her design. It’s as important as all the shapes and colours. Type is the image itself. 

Doing a research about people that work in the industry is always very much inspiring as I get to know new styles and ideas. It makes me want to start creating and that is why when I blog I will also try and practice chosen practitioners style in my sketchbook to get more understanding of their techniques. 


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