Family (and friends)-Putting family first

What is the key to running a successful company? Of course it’s love. And where can you get more love than from your family and friends? Family (and friends) is a company run by people who are not just related but also skilled. From graphic designers, illustrators to photographers.

For some working with your relatives or friends can mean the end to the relationship as the enormous pressure put on you may break the bond. The truth is family is who you can trust and rely on and even when things don’t go very well you will put more effort to resolve it. This company’s success is an example.

Their motto


The love that you need is not just for what you do and who you work with but also for your clients. Yes it sounds a bit odd but if you learn about their industry and their product you are more likely to find the right solution for them. If your relationship with the client is not good then the outcome is very likely to be affected by it.


Good design determines brand’s personality. Creating brand’s personality is vital. It has to be unique for you and represent your values and style.


It’s important to agree with what you do. If you are against smoking would you agree to design cigarette packaging encouraging young people to smoke? If yes then you will lose your inner harmony and even a big success won’t make up for it.


Obviously we want the packaging to look catchy and pretty but you need to find what people are most likely to focus on and memorise. It is all about the consumer and attracting right type of people.


Tell a story in pictures supported by words. The story of what the product is all about. Stimulate all the senses through vision.

Some examples of Family (and friends) designs. Some are what we all well know.





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