The Design Museum

It has been 13 days since I blogged last. It feels like eternity since it’s more of a pleasure than a chore for me now.

I have visited the design museum which was not just for educational purposes for me but also a travel back into childhood. As 80’s kid there were many items which I either  remember having or some of my relatives still has it.

The whole exhibition was fun but not as much as the interactive part “Work in progress” when you become a designer yourself.



I have designed it for lazy, scatter brain type of kids who still deserve a chance to get things right every now and then. It’s very much technology based. 

  1. bluetooth sensoroperated by bluetooth so even if a kid forgets its bag it will automatically follow him to school. 
  2. distance sensors/lights to keep a safe distance to prevent accidents, lights that activate after the dawn
  3. homework alarm – activates when homework is overdue or dangerously close to the deadline
  4. Bus pass pocket– it has built-in two lights: green- bus pass balance sufficient, red- balance needs topping up
  5. PE kit pocket– built-in two lights: green-kit clean. wearable, red-kit in urgent need of washing
  6. LED screen-displays current school schedule as well as homework deadlines
  7. Defence weapon-anti-bullying weapon, activated by owners distress and increased heart beat
  8. Packed lunch pocket– comes with an ice pack
  9. Separator– each pocket is separated according to the subject

I love how just 3 months into studies and we are able to understand how all of the modules that we are doing come together after all. Seeing the typography posters got me all inspirational.

I have written about the design principles and about the man behind Braun designs previously in my blog Dieter Rams. Here is the famous radio and many more great designs.

My bag has found a match :))

Star itself: Vespa scooter

Sony classics

I was only lucky to have some of those gadgets at home because my older brother would get it. I could play with it after paying a small fee.

I wish I could have one of those now. When I was younger me and my sister used to write books using this type of writing machine. It looks awesome with the posters in the background.

It’s only natural not to overthink the design of items that we use on daily basis and that were designed to make our life easier rather than for entertainment. We tend to take it for granted.

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