Photoshoot madness

Start of the day was a bit slow but only because not all of us came prepared. Unfortunately I fell in that category as since Christmas I am struggling to pull myself together and get back to my good old routine. I absolutely hate coming in unprepared and now I know that I won’t do this to myself again :). Rest of the day was awesome and thanks to our tutor Heather we got inspired and had so much fun.

Working in my group didn’t quite work out but luckily there was a group of enthusiastic people that I joined in. I like working in the group but only if I work with people that do care about this course otherwise I don’t mind working on my own.

Here are some of the crazy outcomes.

Lonely fish washed out on the

I have tried to fix the exposure, hue and saturation etc in Photoshop as the image not always looks as good as you thought it would after downloading it.

Here is my attempt to stick it on the new background and I must say that I still need to watch few more tutorials on how to make the backround work better with the image.


Back in the days I was in the theatre group and I love dressing up and acting especially imitating animals but who would have thought that I would play horse’s butt one day 🙂

Siamese sisters

I have changed the exposure on this picture as well because it looked bright on my computer but on my iphone it looks too dark. It just shows that the resolution of the equipment that we use is important and I know that my laptop is not the best to be honest.


Dude looks like a lady.


Speedy Gonzales


What I have found most difficult was to set the camera on Manual and adjust aperture, shutter speed and exposure by myself. As a hyperactive person focusing is quite tricky for me and I must say that photography does require patient. Now that I have the basics covered I can use it to work independently on my projects.




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