All you need is love…

The exhibition at V&A “You say you want a revolution.Records and Rebels 1966-1970” was right up my street. Not only because I am a huge fan of rock music but also because we had a chance to be introduced to the moments in history that changed the world and it will influence generations for many years to come.

I always fear that our era will be remembered only for the wrong reasons. I feel sometimes that some people waste the effort other generations put in so as our future is better. Our generation’s actions take us right back to the beginning.

This room, which is very much my favourite, is trying to recreate the atmosphere of the Woodstock Festival. Every year in Poland there is a festival named after this one in order to celebrate the concept of the festival. I used to be a keen festival goer.


Jimi Hendrix’s broken guitar brings back the memories of my dad who played in the rock band and they used to break their guitars too. Then they couldn’t afford to buy new ones so my dad as an engineer had to make his own. What a dork!!

Laray Smith posters.

I have found this book “Art of modern rock” in the library and that just confirmed how much I like posters. I have been advised by my tutor to reduce amount of colour that I use and I understand the purpose of that. However I love colour and that is exactly the type of art I would like to do in the future if I am lucky to do this for a living. I also still need to work on my typography.

Isn’t it beautiful? Even though we weren’t allowed to take pictures but we were in a rebellious mood. Well worth it.

What inspired me most is the sacrifice some people would do to fight for their rights. Jan Palach was a Czech student of history and political economy . He set himself on fire as a political protest. Self-immolation is very often used as the ultimate form of political protest. That reminded me of the Rage Against the Machine album cover which features  a photo of the self immolation of a Vietnamese Buddhist  monk, in Saigon in 1963. The monk was protesting against an oppression of the Buddhist religion. A similar photograph earned the award of World Press Photo of the Year in 1963.


And there is the fashion. It shows that you can still have great designs without exposing too much. Apart from the first one on the right. That’s a cleavage and a half hah

I have also learnt about new technique LITHOGRAPHY. This technique is when the printing is from a stone or a metal plate with a smooth surface. In modern lithography, the image is made of a polymer coating applied to a flexible aluminum plate. I am so looking forward to the screen printing module as I have a feeling that some interesting pieces will be created. The book that I have mentioned before shows posters made using screen printing.


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