Dark room experience continues

Back in the dark room. Time to process the pictures taken in the previous session.I must say that doing two half days in the lab was a wise decision made by our tutor as speding there all day would be exhausting and the smell of the acids can certainly give you a headache.

On the far back you can see the bath and tongues to do it the traditional way when you soak the paper and the image appears right before your eyes. We have used the machine that will do it for us. Even though using your phone in the dark room is prohibited after all of us finished I had a permission to take few pictures.

Our individual work stations.

We have started off with making the photoimage. This techniqe is about placing objects on the photo paper and exposing it to the light. This very much reminded me of what I saw in Tate Britain done by Josephine Pryde And the winner is….. She has arranged various items on the worktop exposed to the sunlight.

Black and white effect seem to be making even simplest picture quite interesting. You are in control of how dark you want the picture to be.

Here is my favourite dog. Looks quite vintage.

This picture was exposed to the light for more than I wanted but there is something about this picture that is mysterious. It was 20 seconds.

This is only 10 seconds. You can see by doing trials how long each picture needs to be exposed for. Obviously each one is an individual case.

Photo paper has two sides-glossy and matte. It is important to make sure the paper is the right side up. I had a strong suspision that I put the paper the wrong side up even though the image still came out it’s a bit too blurry.

Different type of textures can work very well as a background for some of my projects.

Attending both  introduction classes allows me to access the photography lab any time I want to. I will aim to go back soon so as I can to refresh my knowledge. First I need to prepare sketches on what items I can bring with me and how to use it to do some interesting photoimages. This is giving me a lot more possibilities not only for the photography module but also for all the other modules.


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