Final count down

So our last core rotation has ended now  and it’s time to crack on with the projects and put all the knowledge to the test. Not quite sure where to start yet and at times when I know I have loads of work to do I take naps instead hoping to wake up reborn and ready to work. Doesn’t always work that way…

Screen printing session 2 was mediocre. I must say girls in my group did contribute and got involved both with sharing ideas as well as doing the messy parts of the job. I will only focus on the screen printing process as the atmosphere in the studio on the day was far from enjoyable. Oh well you can’t always have good days.


What we did was preparing the stencil to do the print but while waiting for the screen to dry we did prints on the blank screen with a cut out on the newspaper print. This is just another technique that gives us even more opportunities. Mixing variety of colour was fun as you never knew what will come out. The wait to see the outcome on the paper was like a wait for a baby to be born.

The process itself may seem time consuming but the pleasure is enormous when you know you have created your print from scratch. I am not a huge fun of doing my work digitally as me and computers don’t get on. I am a fun of traditional or old fashioned ways as it makes you understand more about the process rather that relying on the computer to do most of the job for you. We live in a generation when phones and computers are smarter than people.

The back of the screen where paper was soaked in the paint looks like a painting by itself. I think that was the best thing that came out on the day. There is no pictures of our fanzine at the moment and I have tried to access the studio to get them back but there was no one in. Not such a loss as I wasn’t very satisfied with the outcome anyway. I definitely will go back in to polish my fanzine.




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