Looking with ears, listening with eyes.

Project 1 i just another challenge for us and yet I think I have good ideas I am not sure where to start.. Well the start should always be a research-something that I have managed to avoid very well so far and I must admit it was always something that I needed to polish. Sounds like just like everything else that I not my strong point but all it takes is a practice.

The final piece we are aiming for is a publication printed in two colours, minimum 8 pages. Yes old dog is going to have to learn new tricks and work only with two colours.

You know that the lecture is interesting when you have people joining in..now at least I am not the oldest student haha…

Out and about in East End area again but this time with the eyes and mind wide open. What caught my attention at first was that in the immediate area there is very little green space. Trees are rather used as a decoration than play any important part in the city. Trees and bushes have designated areas and often placed behind the fences like some sort of prisoners.  After evaluating my observation I realised this is nothing unusual to the city of London, lack of green spaces is due to urbanisation.

What also caught my attention is street art. I have blogged about street art before in one of my blogs Street art is still art. Some people may just look at it and not make much of it without realising there is a history behind it. Take an example of the one below done by a french artist Thierry Noir who is claimed to be the first street artist to paint the Berlin Wall.

And here is Banksy as well….

“Shoreditch Platform” designed by Alex Meitlis, first pay by the hour workplace in London. This gives me an idea to explore more about art culture in East Ends not just street art.




Here is our beloved Lakwena Lakwena-The power of girl with her street art covered by graffiti which can be considered a vandalism. It’s very ironic how it was painted under the words “Be bad”.


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