Law and disorder in East End

Since last blog I have changed a theme of my Project 1. I changed focus to gang life and crime in East End but I am considering to mainly focus on the mysterious incidents in East End. I may also talk about the haunted places and murder scenes. While doing a research my idea can evolve into anything but at least I have a starting point.

I have briefly blogged about crime while doing a research about the area and I believe it was one of my very first blogs. In the search for Jack the Ripper. I would like to find more facts that people are not familiar with and maybe find a shock factor.

This is going to be very much exciting for me as I will be putting together two things that I love: art and crime. It feels a little bit like I am a private investigator.

What I am aiming to do is make my publication as a criminal journal and present stories in the creepy and mysterious way. I can pick only two colours and for now it’s definitely black and possibly red or blue. Those primary colours give more possibilities when printed on coloured paper.

I have already booked an exhibition called “Law and Disorder in East End” in the Museum of London. Can’t wait!!!!


Few sketches of the places that have a connection with the crime world in East End. Once I get my hands on the analogue camera from the photography studio I will make a trip to take proper photographs of it and process the film in the dark room.

The Blind Beggar
The Ten Bells Pub

Wednesday is reserved for a visit to the Bishopsgate Institute where I can access some archive collections and check out the historic library. May sound boring to some but I am sure I will not leave empty handed and hoping to find some intriguing information.

Useful websites which I have used for my primary research:

For now I am off to watch Hitchcock’s first thriller: “The Lodger:A Story of the London Fog” (1927), a suspense film about the hunt for a Jack the Ripper. 


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