Zine mass production 

Finally got my zine back which we have processed in the screen printing studio which I blogged about Final count down. Initially I wasn’t happy with the outcome as I think my group didn’t get to do enough experimentation.

This is the only piece where we have managed to do the background and the print on the same paper. All it needed is folding to make it a zine. Plus I made a little wallet to keep it in.



With the rest of the prints I have done a collage. Some of the paper we have used was quite thick so it made it tricky to fold. There is so many possibilities with screenprint not just because of the colours that you can mix up but also the paper that you can use. My favourite was that brownish paper as it seems to work well with any colour. I am trying from now on to try and keep things simple and see how it works.

Dark paper is tricky as you have to make sure that light colours are used on it. Because we had a limited time we have used same paints on most paper as to remove the paint from the screen you have to wash it and then it takes time to dry. Also some of the pictures that we have selected for our zine have thin lines and not too much texture to it. I have actually paid attention to cutting the pictures straight using a cutting mat and a scalpel rather than just butchering the pictures because I am a hot head and have no patience.

On this one I have cheated a bit because the background was made not in the screen print studio but I have made it using acrylics and a roller. I must say I do like how the mix of colours came out. I have added magenta so as it can work well with the colour of the print. It would work maybe better if the print was in black as now it seems to be a little bit too colourful. I cannot believe that I have actually used word “too colourful” haha

The screen with our zine is still in the studio so whenever I can access it and print some more.Now at least I have a better clue what to do and more ideas in my head.


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