Anatomy of a Magazine

Working on Project 1 continues. First part of the lecture we spent on playing around with the grids arranging the text in a way that it looks neat and it’s easy on the eye. Before we read text we look at it and the first impression always counts. The content of the text shouldn’t be compromised by the way it is laid out.

In some cases image works only as a background for the text or it is as important as the text itself and has its own message.

We had a great chance to be learning from the professional who works as an editor for  Grafik magazine now online,  Angharad Lewis. She gave us an insight into industry as well as into more technical things like the layout of the magazine itself.

We were sent to the library section where ale journals are kept and asked to pick one and the analyse it. I have picked “Viewpoint”. Viewpoint is a magazine that aims to deliver visual, editorial and statistical information to brands, designers, agencies.


At first it seemed a bit overwhelming with colour. There is a lot of photographs included. Type is consistent throughout the magazine in three colours: white, orange and black. Articles itself are very interesting for intance the innovation of a lamp designed to tackle Seasonal Affective Disorder (look below).  Designs tend to be very economical and against throwaway consumerism. The aesthetics are not always taken into consideration and some designs are very much ahead in the future of the current designs.

The professionals working in the branding and design business publish their predictions regarding what will be in fashion next season, what colours will be used.


Viewpoint magazine costs £75 which seems a lot but it is aimed at specific group of people and I presume it is well worth it. It’s a magazine with 176 pages and it somehow reminds me more of a book than a magazine. The quality of the paper and the print itself is very high.

I have got my books out to take home so I will crack on with homework at the weekend. I have taken out “100 years of magazine covers” previously but I have only looked at the images without reading it but It’s a great book to use as a reference as it gathers various magazine covers even foreign ones.


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