Transport and design

We all complain about the public transport in London, for valid reasons sometimes, but not many of us appreciate how much effort and time it took to design the transport system and everything that’s in it. In order for people to see that is to send them to the countries where the public transport is less developed or there is none at all. I believe that for average people everything seems easy to do as they are not the ones doing it.

The lost property Office receives 150,000 items every year. That is such a nice usage of the lost items.

I am a huge fan of miniatures so seeing this little city made with so much details immediately caught my attention. It also has given me an idea to make a 3D version of the buildings for my Project 1 and then photograph it like I did with this miniature city.


Respect to the bus drivers. This is a powerful machine and must me quite tricky to operate due to its size and driving on London’s busy roads can be a challenge. If I was a bus driver I am pretty sure that the death toll on London roads would rise within a day.

Design of the public transport’s interior was never my favourite but I am pretty sure it’s just because I associate it with the morning commute, that I had to do as a 9-5 worker and I must say it was never much fun. Saying there is a group of hard working, educated people behind every design. I have done a little bit of research about how the design is created but then got bored.

This really must be for someone who is madly in love with London Transport. I wouldn’t personally want to have a bag (which were being sold in a gift shop) looking like a train seat. To the left you can see the process of designing by sketching and reflection on the design underneath it.

Overall the visit was good as we got a chance to see how not just the technology evolved but also design for public transport. Since you get an annual ticket maybe I will return one day if I need it for some projects but not anytime soon. If I do return I will focus more on the poster designs which I came across in the end but my focus was out of the window already.


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