Celebration week

It’s time again to reflect on our work and have it reviewed by the professionals as a Level 4 group. Also have a look at what other levels are doing so basically what’s ahead of us.

Here is our team presenting Pecha Kucha and what we have done so far.

I may beat myself too much or not enough but I know I need to step up my game. I don’t think I do as much as I wish I could. Without making excuses I have my personal reasons for it. I have less experience when it comes to art as this is the first year of study, apart from few short courses, so I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do.

I work at my own pace and don’t necessarily rely just on the course or other people to show me what to do. I believe is down to me how much progress I will make and at what rate.

I knew that as a part of a class I will not be treated as an individual when it comes to work ethics. I believe that my work ethics are very good and my attitude towards studies is different from everyone’s elses so I find it hard sometimes when I am being told things that are common sense just because someone else can’t comprehend it. That’s why working individually is a way forward for me as I never learn much working in a group.

For me perfect scenario would be tutorial half day and other day self-study time. Personally for me it is a waste of time discussing work with other peers  when some people haven’t got anything prepared, in cases like that I would rather go to the library and carry on with my reasearches.

Time for new years art resolutions

I will do a personal reflection on the feedback I got in December, as I am not sure if I blogged about it, and see what progress I have made.

When it comes to practitioners I do look at other sources but I don’t spend much time reading about their work and blog about it. I do a lot more that I have previously done though.

When it comes to usage of colour I am aiming at cutting down (sounds like I am some sort of addict) and try to play around with 3 for now.

I am aware that I like to fill out all the spaces on the piece of paper, never know when to stop like a galloping horse. Now my experimentation will be to limit black lines and colour within it. Coming out of the lines more that I tend to do. See how it goes.

This piece I did with home made screen printing experimentation. I am quite happy with it because it’s simple and the use of colour is limited. It’s also quite different to what I normally do.

I have decided to customise my James Dean picture on plywood Rebel without a cause- James Dean. I have used acrylics pea green, crimson red and dark blue.

I have noticed a bit of change when I approach my work, maybe it’s not very noticeable but there is a tiny progress. I feel like I think more about the process now so I can ditch some of the old habits. One more think It’s still getting in my way is overthinking things rather than just cracking on with it.



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