Book binding workshop

Second part of the lecture was spent of learning on how to bind a book. Different techniques not just how to put it together but also ways to arrange the pages.

I like the idea with the screws because it gives it that edgy look but I don’t think this is very practical because the screws are very thick and are sticking out too much. The usage of the old paper from old folders etc is a very economical idea.


You can see here an A4 paper folded vertically with a small pocket around it which is the only bright element of this book. This is a good concept for a comic book.


Our tutor brought in his collection of books to show us the examples of the Riso print and also the layout of it and binding techniques. For me the issue will be now how to experiment but not over do it. You can do non traditional layout but you have to make sure that is not confusing for the reader.

Some of the books were placed in a paper bag which had a print made on the front. This must have been created using the screen printing as Riso printer can only take A3 paper.

Bags like this can be purchased from Paul Gardner, the paper bag seller at 149 Commercial Street.


Friday will be reserved for Hot House talk and visit to magCulture store.


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