Dan Mather-screen printer

Dan Mather is a London-based screen printer and graphic designer based in London. He collaborated with “Mash Creative” and the exhibition “Glory, Glory”. Mather is a graphic designer who who has pushed past the boundary between computer graphic design and hand-made screen printing.

I like the artists who don’t just stick with one technique that they think they do best eliminating all the other possibilities without knowing the full potential of what could be achieved.

This is the website I have been looking at a lot recently:




It’s intriguing to me how the black and white image was done to give it that texture. I will have to do some more research if that can be achieved through screen printing or was it done digitally.

Personally I have never been a huge fan of the digital art. Not in the sense that I don’t like it but I prefer to create hands on rather than be stuck in front of the computer. I like the combination that Mather does as the images are created digitally and then printed using screen printing technique.


Mather has a great attention to detail and you can see even though screen printing may seem messy his prints are very accurate and precise.



This poster was entirely crafted and printed by hand,  no films were used during this process. This is the overprinting technique. We have been shown some of this during our induction session. Creating this piece involved once again precision and planning.

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