Riso printing

Riso printing could be my new favourite next to the screen printing. Our studio is limited to the primary colours only but for beginners that’s enough. Riso printing is also more expensive to run.

Doing all the workshops I am quite sure that making posters, magazines, small publications with short stories is what I am interested in doing. This for now will become my focus but not limitation as I am still learning about other techniques and aspects of my course. I still need to explore more the world of print and its practitioners. The possibilities are limitless and my poor little brain is overwhelmed at the moment.

As a kid I used to make magazines from newspaper cut outs and write short illustrated stories, some of them using my aunties old-fashioned typing machine. Doing this course takes me back into my teenage years when I had a very limited access to the internet but my imagination was never-ending. Unfortunately then life got in the way and when I left my country my primary focus was to provide for myself and get a secure job. I am glad though that I can come back to it now.

Examples of Riso Printing:

When I first looked at it I thought it was black and white picture that was coloured in which would be quite an idea. It demonstrates that you can use bright colours but in moderation.


This is my absolute favourite. The use of only two colours is very smart. Back of the zine has a beautiful poster.



You can adjust the opacity so as mixing colours can be easier.

Hoy House talks poster created with riso printing.



Here is the riso printer itself. We have received a leaflet explainting the process so we can refer to it if needed.



Our group’s print experimentation for Project 1

I am actually quite pleased that the red is more like orangey red which is the exact colour which I wanted to use for my Project 1 but because of the cost of the usage I can forget it.

When you look at the images individually you can see that the original picture is wonky so it would need adjustements before printing it. I believe we shouldnt have rushed it.

The print seems a bit out of line but that sgould have been adjusted while scanning the images. I must say we have just scanned whatever way the image was in the sketchbook.



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