Blood is thicker than water.

First stage of the research is the hardest when you have 101 ideas. From focusing on mysterious incidents in East End to crime world I decided to focus on The Kray twins-Ronnie and Reggie. The more research I did the more astonishing facts I found about them. I even said today that because I have been doing so much research that I feel like I have known them for a long time.

I do enjoy this project as you must have your mind divided between doing the reasearch and at the same time considering how you will present it. I am pretty much a last-minute person and when I feel pressure that’s when my thinking mode is in full speed. Always been like this and so far it worked for me.

I will not reveal all the details just yet about the secret life they were living. I want to present what was behind the notorious “big men” that surrounded themselves with celebrities and everyone feared them. There are two sides of the same coin.

This project for me is not just art related. I had a chance to look into aspects of criminology and psychology too. I have done two years of Social Sciences with the core module psychology  so I am enthusiastic to discover what is not seen with a blind eye and dig a bit deeper into those notorious gangsters’s minds.

My head is like an overheating engine thinking how to present my magazine. I just need t make sure that I can present my idea as clear as I can. It can make sense to me but I am  now more wary if the receiver will understand my concept.

Two ways I considered:

  1. I am planning to write words from one of Kray’s poems on the side of the paper and poster will be their famous photograph taken by David Bailey. I can use different coloured paper too.

  2. img_1298

Second idea is to do two-sided magazine. One side will be about their gang life and their empire and the second about the other side of their life such as their struggles with mental health and sexuality. Maybe I could also call it “Two sides of the same coin” or my initial idea was “Blood is thicker than water.” Matbe each edition can have a different format? Or maybe I am just complicating my life.

Some of the sketches I have done so far. I opted for screenprinting because it has more possibilities when it comes to colours of the ink and paper and size of the paper. The colours I decided to stick with is dark blue and dark red. Alternatively black and red.

Gambling and fraud was a huge part of their life.
Street they grew up on.
Home made print of the photograph by David Bailey
Initial idea for the cover.
Photo of the guns that The Krays have used. I will sketch my own rather than print pictures.
Newspaper cut outs
The Krays had a promising career in boxing however later on they used their skills to hurt people.


Few things worth watching if you are interested in The Krays.

Last interview with Reggie Kray.

This will be my weekend movie.


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