Judgement day

So the crit day has finally come. It was good to see how each individual approach the project in the different unique way.

I have managed to do only two versions of the publication plus a poster. I am not entirely happy with either of them. The only thing that  came out great in my opinion is the box for the magazine.

Work in progress

As for my wonky eye ans shaky hands it came out very much accurate.
Front cover came out as planned however I was stuck when it comes to putting on the title. I didn’t get a chance to do letterpress and haven’t thought about it while screen printing as I thought I will cut out the letters with a scalpel but that proved to be very hard. In the end I have stolen an idea from “People of print”. Knowing my ability to overdo things I believe that I kept things simple and the cover doesn’t look clattered. This is not something that I would normally do but I am quite pleased.

blog pic



Front and the back profile come together when you open it this way. I think maybe noses should be touching each other but I have corrected it when doing the second edition. Plus twins profiles are not 100% the same.



Riso printing version

Front side is blue….


and the back side is green.


Screen printing version


Have I ruined it with a blood splatter? I just wanted to go through with the very first idea that I had. Some images are not straight as the mistake was made during processing the image.


Even though my poster wasn’t approved I still made a use of it since I quite like it and I put effort into making it. Made using screen printing. Originally both text and image were supposed to be different colours but that is just one of the things that didn’t quite work out as planned.

Back of the poster with just some of the images.


Poster holder.


I must admit that I took on too much to do and left it definitely until too late forgetting that things don’t always come out as you visualise it in your head. I need to balance research with the execution of the ideas better. I have done a decent research though, I have managed to find out information about The Krays that not many people know. For instance that they wrote poems and also did paintings. One of their secret was also interest in the same-sex. One of them was even having an affair with an underage boy. One of the biggest struggles Ronnie Kray faced was his mental illness schizophrenia. With time even other members of the “Firm” their gang, were afraid of him. The very first murder that he committed was because simply one of the rivals called him “fat poof”. It shows how insecure and weak he was deep inside about his sexuality. After all they had problems and struggles and dreams, that were reflected in their poems, like every one of us. Behind the gangsta image there are just human beings.

I am quite happy with the outcome even though it hasn’t come out as I have planned but I must say I put a lot of effort into this and learnt a lot in the process since I wouldn’t just stick with what I know best and take short cuts. I don’t think I have done that much research before but I enjoyed how many ideas and different visions it can generate. While doing research we are able to look at things on the different level and question the subject that we have picked. Finding out that things are not always what it seems it is rewarding and engaging.


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