Parallax Art Fair

It becomes a tradition to visit Chelsea Town Hall for the largest art fair in the UK and Europe…this time I have learnt not to come here in the summer as the hall is like an oven inside.

That’s just one part of the hall.


The variety is mad here.. From fine art and sculpture, jewellery, posters, ceramics, 3D art, architecture, digital, fashion etc. Everyone can find something for themselves.

I have done some research into trying and sell my stuff but I must say it’s costly not just to rent out the space and lights but to produce products to sell. Also I don’t think I have enough to be selling just yet. I love the atmosphere there and also talking to the sellers as I always learn something new from them.

This is such a lovely concept from “Love from Shetland” :goat’s milk handmade soap palm oil free. I love how the lady has a picture of her goats with her. You could feel the passion from her and when she talked about her lovely animals you could see tears in her eyes. I love talking to passionate people who do things they love rather than spend all their life complaining about what they don’t have.


My favourite digital illustrator Brett Coulson. This is my type of art and also very affordable prices.

Brett Coulson

Carving in a lipstick. You really do need a steady hand for that.

I must admit I forgot to check the name of the artist but those posters did attract my attention. There is something about it that I like. Maybe the mysterious dark colours. The look in the guy’s eye (bottom in the middle) is quite deep.

Great focus, creating while being surrounded by hundreds of people.

It was lovely to speak to some artists especially Marta Grande Spanish born artist who is currently promoting her work. She is only just started selling her work and creating a website but she wastes no time to get herself out there.

Marta Grande

Assemblage technique. The best part I like about it is that those objects are antiques and original pieces combined in a way that it gives it the new purpose.

Beka Brayer

Even though I practice with various other things at university I still love those colorful illustrations. Coming out of my comfort zone is a big learning curve but I still stick to what I do best which is cartoon like characters. I am very much open minded when it comes to trying out new things even if I feel I am not too good at it. It’s good to see that there is a space for me in the industry.

Nice lounge to chill and eat after hours of walking around in a company of musicians. Jazz music is relaxing but not when you sit right next to the musicians ha.



  1. It’s great to see the variety of pieces at the Parallax Art Fair. It’s useful to see how they’re displayed too as I’ll be exhibiting in October 2017. Thanks for this post 🙂


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