Blood is thicker than water 2

The only way to really comprehend screenprinting and get the results you are hoping for is to practice. That is the first time I went in there independently without supervision.

Few things I have learnt not just about the process and about myself:

  • breakdown the session, come in one day to prepare the screen-wash and do stencil and another day to do the prints and cleaning after. I have been on my legs for so many hours and my back was not having it.
  • keep it simple: I was trying to do two A2 posters on one big screen and because screens are not always perfectly clean on the edges not all the image came out. In the end I was told not to use one of the images anyway
  • apply only a thin layer of the photo paint, if the layer is too thick it will come off while washing.

Being a hyperactive and impatient person doesn’t help much. Unfortunately this is down to my character so not much I can do about it. I still do things very chaotically and have very little focus at times. Also things that I plan in my head don’t always work out and I get annoyed by it.

Maniac in action.

My original concept was to print images on grey paper but I have only bought two sheets. Only one came out mediocre.



This is the poster that I was planning to include in my magazine but unfortunately it was disapproved by one of the tutors so maybe I will leave it out.


Well at least I can think fast and quickly but my images together for Riso printing. The outcome is not what I was hoping for as I wanted to have two layers of the image in two colours. If I opted for riso printing from the very beginning I would get enough time to prepare the second layer. I have ditched my idea to do blood splatter as a second layer and I regret it but I will try to do an experiment with one of the riso prints.

Green print is about The Kray’s life that not many people know about. Behind their life as notorious gangsters there is a lot of problems that some of us face: mental health problems, our sexuality etc. Also The Krays were into writing poems and painting which shows their sensitive side.

project 1.jpg

Blue is for their gangster life that everyone knows about. E.Pelicci picture is upside down. With me is that I have good intentions and try to over complicate things. I never play safe and stick with what I know best. I always try out new things but at least I always learn something new, normally learn on mistakes.

By the way there is no tree growing out of the guy’s head. That image originally supposed to have two separate layers.

project 12

The Blind Beggar drawing is a bit wonky and I always forget to fix it while photocopying the image.

There is still a lot of planning when it comes my my book cover as the initial idea didn’t quite work out. Once again haven’t planned it through enough. I will create one more blog to analyse my final pieces as I am planning on creating few different versions. Wish me luck.


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