Life Drawing

This session was a hard work but it was so worth it as I have noticed significant progress in the end.

We started off with quick one minute draw.. then things got complicated once the model took complex poses.

I have learnt to look at the body as shapes. When I see a leg that comes towards me and then I should imagine it as a cylinder that is getting smaller as it comes closer. Seems complicated but makes sense once you start drawing.

When we see a leg we tend to draw it as a leg that we see in our head rather than a leg that is in front of us. We do rely on our memory rather than what we see.

Its important to take a step back every now and then and analyse what has been drawn from a perspective. At the beginning I was worried that even my tutor explained things to me and it made sense I will still struggle to actually draw it.

1 minute sketches



10 minute sketches. You can see my struggle with the arm that was coming towards me. After my tutor explained to me to imagine it as a cylinder shape you can see the improvement. It looks a lot more 3D.

30 minutes drawings. That is where more thought had to be put in and in order to get the right proportions you had to analyse each part of the body. I must say that before I would never get his left hand right. That had not only is coming towards me but also is further away from the body.



This one was an absolute struggle as the angle the foot was in was very tricky. In the left top corner you can see how my tutor tried to break down to me the posture simply using the stick figure. We tend to focus on the shading and detail before we even get the basics right.


In the end I have noticed that when I focus and analyse the body as shapes I can draw it in the right proportions.


This was my very first life drawing session and I must say that I will try my best to attend any further sessions as I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. Having no previous experience in art for me it’s important to practice a lot.


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