Sound, set & action

Project 2 began and much-anticipated by me: animation. This one is going to be tricky but I must remember to play rather safe and don’t complicate things. I have many ideas in my head already but I need to take into consideration fact that I am just a beginner and my final piece won’t always reflect the vision that I have.

I have already a concept which I need to stick to. I have learnt from the previous project to think fast. This time executing the idea will take longer than in the previous project so I am wasting no time.

The idea I will try to develop is about a student’s life/problem. Because I have only 30 seconds I decided to focus on one problem which is deadlines. I am aiming to present it in the humorous way. The student will be bullied by the “deadline” which will sneak up on him and won’ let him enjoy his life.

When it comes to music initially I was going to base it on Rockwell “somebody’s watching me” but I will create my own song. Actually I will get a little bit of help from my friend who is a rapper. We will use one of his songs and just change the lyrics for him to rap. My aim is to make it a dark comedy and it may be a little bit naughty too.

I will definitely use one of the 80’s hits like Vanilla Ice “Ice ice baby” or Bobby Brown “Every little step” or 2 Unlimited “No limit” or maybe Mc Hammmer “U can’t touch this” in one of the scenes.

When it comes to the image I have done a string puppet to use. Here is a skeleton from Halloween which I have turned into a poor student.


The hair is my friend’s old hair, hat from Innocent smoothie’s winter edition, clothes and rucksack made by me. The eyes I bought some time ago for another 3D art.

Sitting on the loo/my coffee mug.

My project sounds very ambitious and I just contradicted myself with saying that I will play safe but I am on it now so let’s see what happens. Once I learn the software which we will be using to create the animation I will know my possibilities.

Quick story board

I may use the good old troll as a face of the “deadline”.

I am very much excited about this project and for me it’s not just to pass  but I am doing it for myself to learn. Once I learn then I can create my own animations and finally let my ideas out of my head.


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