Nina Chakrabarti

Friday’s Hot Talk House guest was Indian born illustrator Nina Chakrabarti.

One thing in particular that I remember from what Nina has said is that she took things for granted while doing her BA at Saint Martins. She didn’t take an advantage of the facilities provided there and after finishing her studies when there was not enough work she decided to do MA. That is when she used the facilities provided to do the degree and also to create work in her spare time.

As a mature student I am very aware that job will not be waiting for me after I finish my course and that I need to act as early as possible and everything I do from the very beginning counts towards my future.

Nina has shared with us not just her commissioned work but also work created while studying.

Nina has shared with us some of the drawings from her sketchbook done on the Indian drawing paper. Some were of people who lived in Brixton where she was brought up.

Book “My wonderful world of fashion” was well received as she was bombarded with letters written by children wanting to share with her their ideas of fasion designs. That is something rewarding to be able to inspire younger generation to create.

She has always been fascinated with type and loved to recreate the signs seen in the surrounded area.

Nina has also shared with us her experience working with clients. That is when you need to be able to collaborate and listen to what they want. Being able to take criticism is important as clients not always going to like what you like and vice versa.

What I like most about the Hot House Talks is that the guests don’t just tell us what might be obvious for some but also share with us how to approach difficulties and problems we will face while working in the industry.  Sometimes talent is not enough to make it work but the right attitude towards work is a must.


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