Rabbits Road Press

One of the hot house talk’s guest today was Rose Nordin. In 2013 she and two other designers published a magazine called OOMK (One Of My Kind). Each issue was a mixture of political observations, faith art and identity. I like the type of people who have their opinions and know how to express it in the civilised way. Although its three founding members are Muslim and the publication looks to be particularly supportive of Muslim women, it is by no means exclusive.

One of our modules Critical Design Thinking introduced concept of how important it is for your art to have a purpose. As designers we have that power to communicate our believes, our ideas. We have a power to influence people. I have always had a focus in my art mainly to mock everyday life situation and make people laugh since these days people take everything way too seriously. I believe that I have cognitive abilities all I need now is to improve my technical skills to share my ideas and believes clearly.

It was great to listen to young people going out there and doing what they love best. I find people like this motivational and I wish I could be surrounded more by people like our guest.

I really liked the idea about the Open Access on Tuesdays which I will definitely take an opportunity to attend. It brings the local community together and introduces young people to the world of art especially riso printing.




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