Art direction & Framing

Today has been productive and I found working in the studio with the rest of the students rather fun and surprisingly I had a full focus. I find this project not just a learning curve but absolute fun. With time the experience will allow me to animate my own characters. The best part is that you are fully in charge so you can let your imagination flow.

I have managed to finish lyrics to the song now it’s up to my mate to adjust it as he is the one having to sing it. I wanted to put into this project as much own my own work as possible.

Let me tell you how I got in this situation,

Procrastination was all of this evil creation.

Second version: (Procrastination was all of this foundation)

I was just an average dude, with an average life,

I had a trendy hat and my jeans were real tight,

I knew I should’ve been doing my essay but I,

Drunk my ice-cold beer and got proper high.

Bur why do I always feel like somebody’s is spying on me?

Oh, crap the Deadline is here!!!

Every time I tried to make out with my girl,

Its face was there with a petrifying stare.

I was at the party dropping it down low,

I could feel him behind me rubbing his torso.

(That’s where things get tense and you can speed up)

I couldn’t even take a damp without it being around,

Turn on TV without it laughing at me.

I started to run, run for my life,

My life has ended the same damn night…..

The Deadline does not feature in those shots but doing this gave me few new ideas. I didn’t bring my puppet but I have used a printed picture of it , glued on the cardboard and used a stick to navigate it.

Bathroom scene where after getting off the loo Deadlines face appears in the toilet.

I was aiming to use videos on TV as a background but playing around with the still images works quite well.

Student trying to unwind and the Deadline appears behind him rubbing himself on him.

I have used stop motion settings on my phone plus an app on my phone with disco lights to play around with this scene. It’s amazing how smartphones can be used to create what you want. I will still use a camera for a batter quality.

Student trying to chill with his girl while Deadlines face appears instead of her face.
Walking down the street drinking beer and smoking joint not expecting the Deadline to appear. 

If I decide to use pictures as a background I will try to take my own but I can image it will be tricky to go have to go to the 80’s disco just to take pictures and wait for the full moon in the alleyway can be dangerous.I will do consider it though, at least some of the pictures.

There is only few accessories that I need to make for the Student and this weekend is directing time and putting all the ideas into the test.

This will be the opening sequence where Student is laying in the pool of blood because he got beaten up by the Deadline. Alternatively the Deadline will be standing above him kicking him.

This was one of the ideas generated in the class today and done at home.  I think it’s my favourite. I got the picture of the internet and I got the idea to cut the hole in the picture and let the light from the lamp go through. I also added the cut out of the blood.


Experimentation is the key. It’s like a chain reaction, one idea generates another. You can’t achieve the same effects just by planning it in your head and not putting into the test.  Without a fail I always evolve my ideas and even if it’s a small progress it is a progress. It is so easy to try and stick to what you know best thinking you have reached the full potential. I have learnt not to play safe and challenge myself whenever I can because that’s the only way I will truly learn.

Trying it out with the cardboard cut out.

The images I have used were size A4 so I will definitely have to have it in bigger size for my puppet.


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