Project 1 cover

Work on Project 1 cover for the magazine continues. My good time management skills allowed me to be able to do some more work on Project 1 while Project 2 has already been introduced. My full focus was on Project 2 but I still remembered that the other Project needs more work.

Back in the letterpress room. When I came in all I wanted is a simple font and simple layout. It was all simple in my head but in practice it isn’t. The way my book cover folds required precise measurements. I was quite impressed that I have managed to do the text right the first time.

What I have learnt with this project is to be more considerate for the type. I have left it till the very end and I haven’t given it much thought while designing the cover. It was a good lesson to have to think about so many different aspects of the Project at the same time.

In the end I may take my tutors advice on board and do the profile designs in stencil.

Few ideas generated by playing around with the text. 

It was good to create few prints in one session then go away to practice the lay out in the sketchbook and come back to crack on with the print.

My favourite was the mirror reflection but that is the effect I can only achieve digitally.

Even though I decided to stick with the simple layout I liked how many other ideas were generated while doing letterpress prints. When you only use digital packages your imagination doesn’t work as much.


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