3D and mixed media workshop.

Yet another productive day. We have been introduced to Dragon Frame and created a GIF. Also our tutor showed us what can be achieved using just a photocopier and also we have been shown examples of great collages. Unfortunately I am not going to include any of these as I didn’t experiment too much just yet.

Here is one of the scenes I have made, where the Deadline is popping up in the toilet.



Designing my own character was a challenge. I have looked at some inspirations and advice from, for example Pixar, not that I am even close to their level. They have showed how hundreds and hundreds of sketches were done in order to achieve desired character.

This is some of the experiments plus the final design that I have decided to use, obviously it will be drawn neatly.


My brain is generating ideas faster that it can process it. It just shows how when you do something you are passionate about your brain comes to life in full power. I think that I would possibly find myself better at doing this rather than drawing. Moving image might be my type of thing.

Playing around with the 3D version of the toilet scene. My toilet coffee mug will be used but I think I need to make the Deadline a lot bigger and also try and animate it so as it looks like it’s laughing.


Final storyboard. Obviously during and possibly after the filming changes will be made. Now my job is to breakdown each individual scene and create attributes needed for it.


storyboard 2


I will be creating my own backgrounds and I will give me initial idea a go which is using videos. However videos will be recorded by me rather than using videos found on the internet.

Doing the collage and preparing images for GIF once again generated a lot of new ideas which will be used in the final piece.


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