Project 2- Art Direction

Wasting no time and cracking on with my Project 2 from day one left me enough time to also focus on the backgrounds that I will use and to create my own. There is a lot of advice that we were given by our tutors and it all became useful in the end. For instance: getting in the habit to shoot images in the landscape mode or to use moving image rather than still.

I have learnt a lot more than anticipated. Being a director was a challenge but yet being fully in charge of the project was a huge learning curve. Even though the final is in May I am challenging myself to finish it for the crit day as I want to improve my time management and organisational skills. I know it’s good at the moment but there is always space for improvement. I am glad that I have managed to organise and finish the shoot in the day as editing is the hardest part. As a beginner Youtube is my tutor.

Choosing to use a puppet I knew it was inevitable to have to ask for help. Having to take loads of pictures of the puppet in different positions was a bit of a yoga exercise and a lot of stretching.

Having a detailed storyboard was a huge help too as I could refer back to it all the time and it kept me more organised.

Homemade studio.

I never knew that I would be looking for creepy alleyways where I can take good shots. It was refreshing to walk around with your eyes wide open and noticing things I haven’t noticed before. I like the fact that my tutor trusts me knowing I won’t just go to the pub instead or go home. When I found a good spot near the Spitalfields Farm my camera battery decided to die and my phone too. I don’t give up easily so I will return there.

Hanbury Street


Teenage bedroom made from scratch

Creating my own bedroom was pure fun. For the posters I have used only one magazine “timed out” all the rest is years of me being a huge fun of miniatures and collecting everything I like. No, I am not a hoarder.

Who would have thought that I will spend a night having a party in the cardboard box.


I must say that the work I have put it was hard but this is the type of hard work that I do not mind. I have not complained a bit and the amount of ideas that came out while shooting was incredible.

Stills from the video

Creating static effect in Adobe After Effects. Thank you Youtube.

Trying to make him drink was a hard part but my problem solving skills proved to be really good.

Link to the finished piece:


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