Feedback time!!

I was looking forward to seeing other peers’ work and I am very impressed. I have seen some great ideas and the vibe in the studio was very positive today. I like how we have worked together and supported each other. Even though we all will be in the same industry, competing is not always healthy and we can learnt more by working together rather than against each other.
Roger is a professional and he tried to recreate one of the scenes. He had a day out with no strings, he is a free man now. I liked the feedback I got today: It was bonkers!!. The animation reflects my personality and I am glad that it made people laugh and it was received the way I aimed for it to be received.

Collection of stills. I made a silly mistake and rather than using one of the pictures I have taken I did a screen shot of the video on my phone so obviously quality had to suffer for it.

Roger also enjoyed some popcorn. Well deserved for the hard work. I am going to sound crazy but I am kind of sad the project is over as I have really enjoyed it. Now Roger will be just a decoration in my room unless I decide to create more episodes. I kind of got attached to it as it occupied majority of my time for the past few weeks.

I got a free nose and lip job too haha. How good is that.

I must say I am very pleased with the outcome and you know your heart is in it if you even dream about the project. I may come across very cocky but If I know I have done a good and hard job I never pretend to be shy about it so other people won’t feel bad. I am not competitive and the only person I compete with is myself. I set the barrier for myself higher every time as I want to learn quick and as much as I can because I know that 3 years will go past fast. I like to receive feedback regardless if I will like it or not and I like the fact that my effort is being appreciated by tutors. Critique is for you to learn from no to put you down.

This has been a learning curve for me. The more experimentation you do with your work the more you learn about the process. It’s not only what I have learnt about animation but also time management, how to approach research and also now I am more confident working with my sketchbook. My sketchbook is my second brain so rather than relying on my memory I just put things down in my sketchbook straight away.

Over the years I have learn how not to let personal problems affect my work. University has been a bit of a therapy for me and it keeps my mind occupied with fun and good things. It’s a win win situation.


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  1. Bonkers in the best possible way due to the amount of time and dedication spent on this project! Yes good atmosphere in the studio yesterday and lots of really strong work, good to hear you felt and saw that too. Keep playing, learning and being Aga.


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