David Hockney and photomontage

It’s time for me to kind of go back to all of my briefs and see what I can improve when it comes to my final pieces. While doing project 2 we were given a little booklet with examples of collages:

collage 1.jpg

collage 2.jpg

collage 3.jpg

We have also been shown what can be achieved using only a photocopier. This reminds me of the days at work when I would scan my face on the photocopier while the manager wasn’t watching.

I have come across David Hockney and very much got inspired by his photomontage. That has given me an idea to use the dark room where I can process already taken images or even take new photos and create a photomontage.

david hockney
Pearlblossom Highway 1986

Even though I have tried to be up to date with all the briefs it’s good to go back having a lot more knowledge about the processes that can be used. Most probably when I see my previously work I will laugh at it. Now that I have seen many more examples of collage I can see that my idea of collage was quite limited. It’s tricky to explain but even though I have done collages before and photomontage too, when it comes to creating my work I kind of suffer from amnesia and all my knowledge disappears. That is why practicing is important as it not just refreshes your knowledge but also develops it.

david hockney 2
Hockney’s mother

This may look simple but I assume that It involves planning rather than just selecting random images. I will find out when I give it a go by myself.

I have always had a faith in my tutors but now I can see everything piecing together. Each module relates to one another and having all the modules completed now I keep it in mind when approaching a new project or going through the briefs again. Having an access to all the facilities is a huge benefit.





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